Dr. Elroy Vojdani • MSN Lifestyle

The Spotlight team understands the power of online media. Our 2019 online feature for functional medicine pioneer and key opinion leader Elroy Vojdani, MD, IFMCP on Reader’s Digest online, was picked up again by MSN Lifestyle, putting Dr. Vojdani in front of an additional one million readers!


Amethyst Skincare • Modern Luxury Angeleno

Our seasoned PR team is constantly securing print media for our clients, and we are thrilled with this feature in Modern Luxury’s Angeleno Magazine for Amethyst Skincare. The piece, which highlights new brands and founders making an impact in the skincare industry, features Amethyst’s founder and creator Nicole Simpson as a brand to watch out for. The feature placed Amethyst Skincare and Nicole in front of more than 13 million readers!


Dr. Elroy Vojdani • The Beet

The Spotlight PR team is dedicated to ensuring that our clients have a solid online presence. This piece we secured with The Beet, for functional medicine pioneer and key opinion leader Elroy Vojdani MD, IFMCP, placed him in front of more than 268,000 readers. An additional benefit was that the piece was also picked up by the websites of two radio stations – 99.5 WKDQ in Indiana and 94.5 PST in New Jersey – placing him in front of an additional 301,000 readers.


Profile by Rob Lowe • Bleu Magazine

The Spotlight PR team is also skilled at securing traditional print media for our clients! We were finally able to get our hands on this full-page feature in Bleu magazine highlighting Profile by Rob Lowe. With a circulation of 125,000, this placed the brand in front of more than 1.25 million readers.


Global Medical Aesthetics Device • Marketing

The entire Spotlight team, led under the direction of our marketing director, successfully completed a marketing plan for a global medical aesthetics device brand that is expanding into North America and Asia Pacific. Our team looks forward to executing against that plan.