Social Media


The purpose of social media is to make you relevant to your audience. When consumers have an interest in a particular subject, or a need for a particular service, they go looking for authorities with information that is compelling and trustworthy.

The Spotlight social media team works hand-in-hand with our marketing and PR departments, on a consistent and ongoing basis, to ensure that your brand messaging is being delivered effectively to your target audience.

Engaging content is king in social media. Our team ensures that your content is first-rate and that each platform is being delivered and managed effectively, based on their individual nuances. We avoid cookie-cutter approaches and focus on developing a social media strategy that positions you as a leader in your category.

The Spotlight social media team also goes beyond posting content, to reaching out to influencers and engaging them in order to encourage the spread of your messaging, grow your audience and further establish you as a leader.

We also employ the use of state-of-the-art software to ensure that we are not missing any opportunities to grow your social media audience, and to mathematically substantiate the direction and results of your social media campaigns.