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CANDIS MELAMED Founder, Director of Public Relations Spotlight Agency

Founder, Director of Public Relations Spotlight Agency

Spotlight Agency was founded by Candis Melamed. Candis graduated magna cum laude from California State University, Northridge. She earned a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism, with a major in Public Relations and minor in Marketing.

Candis’s immense drive and undying enthusiasm for the health and beauty industry led her to form a results-driven boutique Public Relations firm named M.S. & Associates. Her company was successful in achieving an extraordinary amount of quality media placement for various celebrity physicians, day spas, and beauty products.

Candis quickly gained a reputation for being the quintessential “Pitch Guru.” Over the years, she has prided herself on conceptualizing exceptionally unique story ideas that get her clients noticed and remembered by key editors, producers, and writers. Throughout her career, Candis has fostered an array of notable media relationships, resulting in long-term public relations successes for her clientele.

Despite the success Candis achieved for her clients, she knew she could offer a more effective way to fulfill their overarching marketing needs. Candis observed that in almost every case, each client hired different professionals to serve individual marketing needs. Time after time, Candis noticed that these “team” members did not function as a team at all. It seemed almost impossible for communication between each consultant to be fluid and for everyone to be moving in the same direction. Because of this, the collective marketing was often disjointed and the client did not benefit from the results that the group should have been able to achieve. Out of frustration from seeing how the client was always the one who ended up paying the price for this ineffective structure, along with her continued commitment to deliver exceptional results, Candis decided to expand her firm to a full-service, PR, marketing, and communications agency. The company was aptly renamed Spotlight Agency, and today clients are benefiting from the kind of results they came to expect from Candis — in all aspects of marketing.