Renuva • Wall Street Journal

An innovative brand as the first and only off-the-shelf treatment that replaces age-related fat loss with the body’s own fat, Renuva’s inclusion in the Wall Street Journal highlights the brand when talking about the growing beauty trend below the neck. This feature placed Renuva in front of more than 78 million online readers.



Dr. Bill Dorfman • Just Do It Podcast

As THE celebrity cosmetic dentist, Dr. Bill Dorfman shares how to take opportunities in your life and work towards success with host Alex Chisnall on the “Screw It Just Do It” podcast. This interview, available on Apple Podcasts, placed Dr. Dorfman in front of more than 16 million listeners.


Dr. Kimberly Lee • Valiant CEO

Not only does the Spotlight team understand the power of online media, we know how to leverage it to benefit our clients. As a leading expert in facial plastic surgery, Dr. Kimberly Lee discusses her passion and devotion to medicine. This feature placed Dr. Lee in front of more than 152,000 readers.