Dr. Kimberly Lee • Verywell Health

At Spotlight, we understand the value and reach of digital media and how it helps clients achieve their goals. We secured our client, board-certified facial plastic & reconstructive surgeon Dr. Kimberly Lee, an interview with Verywell Health. In the article, Dr. Lee shares why facial moisturizers have benefits beyond hydrating the skin regardless of skin type, placing her in front of more than 26.8 million online readers. The article received additional pickup on Yahoo! Lifestyle for an additional online reach of 422.9 million.


Renuva • Marketing

When you are a brand, it’s important to align with experts who can speak to your product or treatment. For our client, Renuva, the Spotlight marketing team produced an informative package to acknowledge Renuva’s innovative treatment that helps address aging hands and why elite injectors consider it the gold standard. Protruding tendons and veins can be camouflaged for years with Renuva, as the final result is the patient’s very own fat — living exactly where desired in the hands. Renuva is ideal for replacing age-related fat loss in the hands, by utilizing Renuva’s groundbreaking technology — which eliminates the need for liposuction, required for fat grafting. The marketing tool is designed to help Renuva’s field team increase sales.


Dr. Kimberly Lee • Canvas Rebel Magazine

Our PR team’s determined efforts resulted in CanvasRebel Magazine profiling board-certified facial plastic & reconstructive surgeon, Dr. Kimberly Lee. In the feature, Dr. Lee spoke about what she’s learned about herself as a physician and moments where she had to pivot and become resilient during her journey, reaching more than 248,000 online readers.


Dr. Steven Williams • Pleasanton Weekly

Local and regional media are just as important as national media. Recently, board-certified plastic & reconstructive surgeon Dr. Steven Williams was featured in Pleasanton Weekly – a local publication covering a community of the Bay Area where Dr. Williams’ practice resides. In the profile, Dr. Williams is recognized for his work in the Dublin, Calif. area and shares the notable strides the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) has made to promote diversity and inclusion, placing him in front of more than 66,500 online readers.


Dr. Kimberly Lee • PopSugar

Our outreach to beauty industry publications secured an inclusion for our client, board-certified facial plastic & reconstructive surgeon Dr. Kimberly Lee, in PopSugar. In the article, Dr. Lee explains what nanofat procedures are and shares why fat-transfer procedures have recently increased, placing her in front of more than 8.9 million readers.