Dr. Steven Williams • Byrdie’s Review Board

The Spotlight PR team is dedicated to ensuring that our clients have a solid online presence. We secured plastic & reconstructive surgeon, Dr. Steven Williams, a seat on Byrdie’s beauty and wellness review board, where he will lend his expertise in reviewing Byrdie’s articles for accuracy. This opportunity places Dr. Williams in front of more than 24.4 million online viewers.

Coco’s Angels • Authority Magazine

Our PR team’s determined efforts resulted in Authority Magazine profiling Delara Tehranchi, co-founder of the non-profit organization Coco’s Angels, for their Young Social Impact Heroes series. Delara spoke about what she’s learned in starting a non-profit organization and her mission for Coco’s Angels, reaching more than 163 million online readers.

Dr. Bill Dorfman • The Megan Pormer Show

Spotlight client, and celebrity cosmetic dentist, Dr. Bill Dorfman was recently interviewed on “The Megan Pormer Show,” on Fox 11 Los Angeles, to highlight his latest innovations in oral health products. During the segment, host, and supermodel, Megan Pormer spoke with Dr. Dorfman as he shared his new products – BuzzBalls and Poof! – and why giving back is important to him.

Total Glow • AEdit

As a result of our deep connections with beauty editors and writers, the Spotlight team is proud to have garnered Total Glow founder Terrie Absher a feature in AEdit – an industry publication with more than 320,000 online readers. In this article, Terrie shares her thoughts on everything you need to know about turmeric in skincare.