Our outreach to major beauty and lifestyle publications secured this inclusion for our client, Trimly, in POPSUGAR. Here, registered dietician & Trimly nutritional coach, Kim Shapira explains the time allotted for raw or cooked foods to be stored away to prevent foodborne illnesses. This inclusion placed the brand in front of more than 12.3 million online readers.


Coco’s Angels • Ms. Magazine

As a result of our PR team’s strong media relationships, we landed our client, Coco’s Angels, a profile for Ms. Magazine’s Future Is Ms. series. Delara and Layla Tehranchi, co-founders of Coco’s Angels and daughters of renowned celebrity OBGYN Dr. Thais Aliabadi, share their passion for starting a non-profit organization, placing the organization in front of nearly 229,000 online readers.


Dr. Kimberly Lee • Condé Nast Traveler

The Spotlight PR team is dedicated to ensuring that our clients have a solid online presence. Our client, board-certified facial plastic & reconstructive surgeon Dr. Kimberly Lee, was included in Condé Nast Traveler, where she explains the phenomenon “airplane ear” and why people experience ear pressure on planes. This story was also picked up by MSN, placing Dr. Lee in front of more than 875.3 million combined online readers.


Dr. Steven Williams • NBC News

Our client, board-certified plastic & reconstructive surgeon, Dr. Steven Williams, was included in NBC News where he explains why BBL procedures should be performed by a board-certified plastic surgeon and in an operating room. This article placed Dr. Williams in front of more than 74.3 million online readers. Digital outlets Yahoo! News, Daily Magazine and NewsExplorer, as well as a few other media outlets, picked up the article placing him in front of an additional 65.3 million readers.