Dr. Dorfman • Fox LA

As a result of our PR team’s strong connections with producers, we secured a fitness segment for celebrity cosmetic dentist Dr. Bill Dorfman for the new regional Los Angeles show, “The Megan Pormer Show.” Premiering later this month on Fox LA, the show will highlight both activities around Los Angeles, as well as experts. In this segment, Dr. Dorfman shares his at-home workout tips for how he stays in such great shape in his sixties, as well as his philanthropic work with The LEAP Foundation. Stay tuned for air dates!


Dr. Elroy Vojdani • Glam

Our strong relationship with beauty and wellness writers resulted in this great piece with Glam online for functional medicine pioneer and key opinion leader Elroy Vojdani, MD, IFMCP. Dr. Vojdani shared his insight and helpful tips on how to boost your immune system, an important topic right now during a global pandemic. This feature placed him in front of more than 50 thousand readers.


Renuva • Pres Boxes

The Spotlight PR team is thrilled with the final result of the curated press box created for our client, Renuva. Renuva is the first off-the-shelf treatment that replaces age-related fat loss and volumizes contour deficiencies with a person’s own fat. The boxes, themed as “Not All Fat is Bad” were distributed to top-tier beauty editors as a way to introduce Renuva to some and keep the innovative treatment top of mind for others. Several editors shared their unboxing on Instagram, expanding the brand’s visibility.


Dr. Elroy Vojdani • MSN Canada

One of the powers of PR is that media exposure can last indefinitely! This feature originally secured with Reader’s Digest for functional medicine pioneer and key opinion leader Elroy Vojdani, MD, IFMCP, was re-published by MSN Canada. The article discusses foods to help lower cholesterol, and placed Dr. Vojdani in front of an additional 7.17 million readers!


Renuva • Marketing

As marketing experts, our Spotlight team connects clients with key opinion leaders in their industries. Our team recently worked on an initiative for our client, Renuva, with Beverly Hills based plastic surgeon Dr. Leif Rogers where he answered questions about Renuva for Real Self, a resource platform for patient’s looking to invest in cosmetic surgeries.