Branding Case Studies



Dr. Robert Huizenga, known warmly as “Dr. H,” is a practicing internist in Beverly Hills, California, and Associate Professor of Clinical Medicine at UCLA. For more than 20 years, Dr. H has been the go-to expert, not only for A-list patients, but also among Hollywood writers, producers, and executives in need of a medical consultant or doctor behind-the-scenes.

When the Spotlight team first began working with Dr. Huizenga, his impressive credentials included a Harvard Medical School education, a former NFL Raiders team physician, a two-time author, a testifying expert in the highly publicized OJ Simpson trial, and a medical advisor for 16 straight seasons for The Biggest Loser TV show. While he began his television appearances at the same time as renowned fitness trainer, Jillian Michaels, he had never been represented by a communications agency, had only been reactive to the press, had no social media presence, and had thus not created any brand equity.

Dr. Huizenga’s desire to secure a mass audience (and his decision to hire the Spotlight Agency) was entirely based on a passion to help people navigate the onslaught of health information they are exposed to, by separating fact from fiction, so they can make effective health decisions.

The Spotlight team responded to the goal by taking a proactive approach to media, through the development of story ideas that attracted the attention of top-tier producers and journalists. Our marketing team simultaneously created Dr. Huizenga’s brand foundation, logo design, and first ever website – featuring his new brand tagline: “Setting the Record Straight.”

Using Dr. Huizenga’s now clearly defined brand voice, Spotlight’s social media team began building Dr. H’s presence on various online social platforms. While our team was helping Dr. H “Set the Record Straight” online, Dr. Huizenga was featured in various top media news segments commenting on topics, including: alongside Charlie Sheen during his HIV diagnosis announcement, commenting on the role head concussions might have played in the OJ Simpson case, and giving his thoughts on the ethics of treating celebrity patients in response to the untimely death of the artist Prince.

In each case the Spotlight team continued to elevate Dr. Huizenga’s position as a “leading medical expert” who was “setting the record straight” for the public.

The PR team also helped prepare Dr. H for his role in media coverage, as well as crafted announcement statements, responded to and screened media inquiries, and eventually leveraged his exposure to bring his other diverse projects to light. This included penning his third upcoming book, Sex, Lies & STDs, triggered by his exposure during the Charlie Sheen HIV diagnosis news; the announcement of a new season of NBC’s hit TV show The Biggest Loser; pointing attention to his book on medical issues in the NFL, titled: You’re Okay, It’s Just a Bruise; and shedding light on his and his brother’s machine, which is a superior lie detector test, with The Truth Project. His experience was featured on The TODAY Show, Dr. Oz Show, E!, Access Hollywood and Extra, just to name a few.

At the time this case study was written, the Spotlight team has been working on setting the stage for Dr. H to appear in his own segment or TV show. When you see Dr. Huizenga as a regular feature on TV, you’ll know that each Spotlight department worked effectively and synergistically to deliver a platform where Dr. H can help Americans live healthier and happier lives.