Meghan • Data Analyst


There’s an old saying in marketing that says that 50% of your marketing dollars work and 50% don’t, but you can’t tell which is which. In the digital age, this percentage is shifting and we are far more able to measure which of our efforts correlate to actual results.

The Spotlight team focuses our efforts on measurable results and nothing demonstrates results like data.

Meghan has always been a math wiz and a strategic thinker. That’s why she adores pouring over Google analytics and other software data to definitively measure the results of the various Spotlight PR, marketing, social media, reputation management and SEO initiatives activities the Spotlight team undertakes for our clients.

While capturing the right data in the right way is critical, the Spotlight team understands that raw data does not serve the client. We go beyond sending our clients monthly reports, filled with graphs and numbers, to interpreting the data and then verbally communicating what we have gleaned from the data with our clients. We do this both verbally and in writing – in the form of an executive summary that explains what the data means, why the results of data likely happened, and then provide recommendation for any action items that might need to modified to more efficiently and effectively achieve our clients objectives.

When she’s not staring at her computer screen, Meghan is often seen donning her lululemon pants, while carrying her yoga mat tucked under her arm on her way to a hot yoga class.