Emily • Director of Reputation Management


A Harvard Business Review study revealed that a one star rating increase on Yelp can increase the company’s revenue from 5% – 9%. Since this increase represents a notable increase in most business’s bottom line, Emily and the entire team at Spotlight take this finding very seriously.

Most clients find online reviews frustrating, especially when perfectly happy patients write a real and positive review, only to have the review “filtered” to the “not recommended” section of almighty Yelp.

While most clients tend to focus on the annoyances of online reviews, we always point out what an incredible resource online reviews are to help manage a medical practice. We turn to online reviews during our audit process to help us know:

  • where the business might need help with delivering the “brand promise”
  • which employees are of particular value to the business
  • which employees require coaching
  • what common themes are running through patient reviews that help us create our SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) for the practice

With this information Emily puts the mechanisms in place to help our client’s business move towards a set of clearly defined goals.

Online reviews become highly effective free advertising that not only help attract new consumers, they help build your brand.

Emily utilizes the latest technology and industry best practices to not only encourage positive reviews, but to prevent negative reviews from appearing online. Moreover Emily ensures that each review is uniquely responded to with an on brand response and then leverages the review for the client by promoting it through the client’s social media.

This is just a small example of Emily’s role in her position as Director of Reputation Management for Spotlight Communications.

When she’s not pouring over online review sites, Emily loves going to the beach, as well as camp, kayak and travel.