M. Steves



M. Steves is natural, results-driven skincare harnessing the know-how, hard work, and passion of creator Mally Steves Chakola as passed down to her by generations before. A streamlined collection of anti-aging and skin regenerating solutions that helps to repair damage of the past, delivers instant glow in the present, and nurtures a youthful appearance for the future.

Like each of us, Mally is the product of her experience, her education, and the traditions and knowledge bestowed upon her by her family … the botanical wisdom and skin obsession of her grandmother Mary Chakola, the beauty rituals and pragmatism of her grandmother Edie Steves, the ingenuity and problem-solving abilities of her entrepreneur and engineer father, the creative spirit and joie de vivre of her mother.

Mally draws inspiration from these individuals, as well as from her collective experience – childhood, career, travel, life as a lawyer and businesswoman. From learning about ayurvedic medicine and blending face masks from aloe, coconut oil, and turmeric in India at an early age, to comparing perfume formulas with her fragrance marketer Uncle, to traveling the world in search of ancient beauty secrets and the latest innovations.

These familial and experiential impacts have cultivated in Mally a deep-seated love of all things beautiful and an intrinsic ability to create solutions. For that reason, in M. Steves Mally discriminately handpicks the highest quality natural ingredients with powerful, proven actions. She creates formulas with significantly more actives than standard skincare in order to deliver visible, optimal skin benefits. And she offers this results-driven performance with a beautiful product experience – refined textures, uplifting natural scents, and elegant presentation.

For M. Steves debut five-product collection, Mally chose to share the incredible skin rejuvenating powers of pure, cold-pressed Chilean Rose Hip Seed Oil (RHSO). She personally experienced the benefits of RHSO when she applied it to an 18-year old keloid scar and found that within just two weeks, the scar’s discoloration and raised appearance were dramatically reduced. RHSO boasts an inherent mix of unsaturated fatty acids, potent antioxidants, and anti-inflammatories that Mally has combined with other natural anti-aging ingredients to create a power-packed line of facial skincare.

M. Steves is Mally Steves Chakola’s commitment to her family, to herself, and especially to you –
a promise to deliver products that perform beautifully, a promise to improve your skin.