Dr. William Kwan


William Kwan MD, is a renowned authority in dermatology, who is often called upon to teach other leading physicians and practitioners. As a leading expert in the treatment of ethnic skin, Dr. Kwan is often contacted by top media to comment on dermatology related stories.

Dr. Kwan received his medical degree from USC and holds a B.S. in biology from UCLA, magna cum laude. He completed his internship at the University of Rochester Medical Center and returned to Los Angeles for a residency at UCLA. He was also the Chief Resident in dermatology at King/Drew Medical Center in Los Angeles.

Dr. Kwan is a prominent board-certified dermatologist, practicing both medical and cosmetic dermatology in San Francisco. He is among the nation’s leading practitioners of laser skin procedures and offers a full range of services to help each patient achieve healthy, beautiful skin.

The Kwan Dermatology skincare team has been hand-selected and personally mentored by Dr. Kwan. Each team member is committed to achieving optimal results and providing the highest standards of patient care.

Many well-known local and national television personalities rely on Dr. Kwan’s expertise to look their best on air. The team at Kwan Dermatology offers a complete selection of skin-care services, including Botox, facial fillers and the most advanced laser practice in the Bay Area.

Kwan Dermatology is located in San Francisco’s Union Square, inside the Tiffany Building, next to Saks Fifth Avenue. The Kwan Dermatology team combines sophisticated technology with a commitment to the highest standards of patient care. Dr. Kwan is frequently asked to train other doctors to perform laser procedures and to consult on the use of skin care products.

Dr. Kwan is also a Clinical Attending Physician at the UCSF Department of Dermatology, where he instructs dermatology residents. Having studied ethnic dermatology extensively, Dr. Kwan is an expert at treating skin of all colors. He has personally designs a skin care regimen tailored to each person’s individual needs.