Dr. Kimberly Lee



Dr. Kimberly J. Lee, is a Board-Certified Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon based in Beverly Hills, California. Dr. Lee is the presiding director of Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgery Center, and one of the best kept secrets among Hollywood A-listers.

Regarded as one of the top female facial plastic surgeons in Los Angeles (and one of only 15% of female facial plastic surgeons nationwide), Dr. Lee’s surgical expertise focuses on her ability to achieve the most natural results with a specialization on facial rejuvenation. Dr. Lee graduated from Stanford University with Honors and academic distinction, and was one of only 86 accomplished students accepted into the prestigious Stanford University School of Medicine, where she received her medical degree. Known for her refined manual dexterity, Dr. Lee was the lead surgeon on the case of the woman who was mauled by a bear in Kern County, putting her and the complex case at the forefront of the media.

Her expertise has been featured on The Doctors TV Show, The Bonnie Hunt Show, Inside Edition, Extreme Makeover, Dr. 90210, NBC, KCBS, along with People Magazine, NewBeauty, Allure, Fortune, Glamour, LA Business Journal, Forbes, Fortune, Newsweekand, is a member of Byrdie’s beauty and wellness advisory board, to name a few.