Dr. Dhivya Srinivasa



Dr. Dhivya Srinivasa (Div-i-ya Sh-ree-nee-vaa-suh) is one of the country’s most recognized breast reconstructive microsurgeons. Double board-certified in general and plastic surgery and fellowship trained in microsurgery, Dr. Srinivasa is among only a handful of aesthetic microsurgeons with the skill and precision to perform the most natural breast reconstruction, including the implant-free technique.

As founder of the Institute for Advanced Breast Reconstruction (IABR), Dr. Srinivasa is committed to helping women navigate their recovery from breast cancer through implant-free autologous breast reconstruction (FLAP surgery), sensation restoration, nipple preservation as well as wellness guidance to help patients reclaim their lives to the fullest.

Her talents have made her one of the most sought-after breast reconstructive surgeons in the US and internationally.