Amethyst was created by entrepreneur and accomplished beauty veteran, Nicole Simpson. Her innovative new skincare is entirely dedicated to healing & protecting the skin from environmental toxins and skin stressors.

During her time as an AVP of Global Education and Business Development at SkinCeuticals/L’Oreal, Nicole led and managed all international business development and education initiatives for the brand across 37 countries. In addition to creating education programs designed to increase sales and improve profitability, she helped execute the successful launch and commercialization for SkinCeuticals in Russia, Poland, UK, Ireland, Chile, Colombia, Denmark & the Nordics, and Lebanon. She excelled in demonstrating the business of beauty. During her time at SkinCeuticals, Nicole partnered with Dr. Mitchel Goldman to build a global business development program. She traveled the world and educated other doctors on achieving success with medical skincare in their clinics.

During her corporate career, Nicole was an aggressive world traveler – spending lots of time in Europe, Asia, and South America – and as such, she observed firsthand the imbalance of the world. When she traveled to places with heavy pollution, like Beijing, her skin would have adverse reactions to pollution and toxins.

Nicole attributes the creation of Amethyst to a dream she had. When it comes to formulating skincare, she went back to her roots to develop a formula that actually works and helps the skin heal itself from environmental toxins and stressors. Over time, all the free radicals (AKA inflammation) and toxins exposed to the skin build-up, because the body can only neutralize itself and heal its skin cells at a certain pace. When that accumulation happens, skin cells oxidize causing harmful reactions as severe as skin cancer. As the environment continues to change rapidly, Nicole strives to offer products that can help consumers augment their current skin routine & products, to ensure the skin is fully covered and protected from the declining environment.

Just like the Amethyst stone is known for its healing properties, Amethyst Beauty skincare is designed to heal the skin by restoring the skin barrier while also arming it with the basic needs to neutralize all the environment’s free radicals. Additionally, the brand aims to be environmentally conscious and avoids plastics as much as possible. They will offer a recycling program, allowing consumers to send back their packaging who will give it to Terracycle for proper recycling.

When it came time to choose an agency for her dream child, Nicole chose the Spotlight team.